Monday, March 25, 2013

Giddy Juvenile Research

Here I am in Sedona, Arizona, the setting of my novel Blinded by Sight!

Since I'm in the midst of the revision process, I decided it was high time to kidnap my honey and go to Sedona to check out Sedona Red Rock High School...the real one that I've written about in my book. Thanks to the VP Jay Litwicki who gave us the thorough tour of the premises.

It was fun to be on a high school campus and get students' confused looks and comments: "Does your child go here?" and "Are you new?" Hahaha! They didn't know quite where to place us, parents or fellow students?

I really wish I had done this research trip sooner. I'm going to have to revamp all the school scenes in the book because I want them to be as accurate as possible with the real thing. It's such a different campus with many buildings and beautiful desert landscape sidewalks leading to each one. What a challenging campus for a blind person to walk through daily! Good thing Devi can handle it.

Here I am by the school marquee:

Next research stop, Red Rock Crossing. This is one of my favorite relaxing spots ever. There's a scene that takes place between Devi and Silas here, so I wanted to pinpoint the exact spot of the vortex since it plays such an important role in the scene. This is the spot where it happens (just imagine that my honey is 18, I'm 17 and that we've still got that teenage love spark...oh wait, that last part doesn't have to be imagined ;).

These were the main spots I needed to remember for my book. The rest of the time we just relaxed, hiked, climbed trees, explored our goofy, enjoyed the solitude.

By the end of the three day trip, we both had smiles on our faces...

and so did this guy ->

Sunday, March 17, 2013

In Awe of Muse of my favorite bands, and I got to see them LIVE at Mandalay Bay. Two words to describe it: LOUD and GENIUS. Those guys know how to put on a show.

I'm constantly in awe of talented artists who write not only their own lyrics, but all the music that goes to it and then they play guitar/drums/piano/whatev and sing at the same time! Then they come up with music videos and/or graphics for concerts and entertainment. I'm sure they have help, but it boggles my mind how much creativity and work it all takes! I don't think I'll ever be that creative at multi-tasking. Writing and revising a novel is challenging enough.

Here's a shout-out to Muse for being brilliant musicians and putting on a show I'll never forget.