Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life After #LVWC13

This last weekend, I attended Las Vegas Writers' Conference put on by Henderson Writers' Group.

Here are the phenomenal things I took away from the weekend:

1. Meeting with agents face to face is an invaluable way to pitch a novel. I spoke with four who are interested in seeing samples of my manuscript.

2. Q&A with agents, authors and editors is AWESOME! I learned so much from the panels they had during meal time.

3. Attending writing conferences saves TIME! It takes months to query and hear back from agents, and hours to search out all the Q&A or workshop topics the conference focuses on.

4. Contacts, Contacts, Contacts! I met some incredible writers this weekend who have amazing stories. Developing those connections in this industry is priceless.

5. Renewed Determination to WRITE. If there's anything a writer needs sometimes, it's a swift kick in the butt to get (or stay) motivated. This conference definitely fueled my tank in that way.

Now what? How will my life be different now that I have four potential agents who want my work? I really get to sit down and revise, reVISE, REVISE! I've learned so much from the classes about more things to revise (in addition to the page long list of revisions I already have). I feel a simultaneous urgency to get this book out into world AND desire to take my time and really polish this thing. So...I'm finding a happy medium in some moments, and in others I'm straight-up wondering if I'm secretly going crazy and will ever be done. All in good time.


  1. You're amazing. Keep pursuing you dream, angel girl!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! My new agent, Michelle Johnson, was actually at the LV Conference! You may have seen her or spoke to her while she's just a pic on a site to me. lol
    Good luck in all you do! :-)